45 must have items on your Baby Registry!

If you are pregnant, just starting your registry or shopping for someone who is expecting a little bundle of joy, you have come to the right place!! We just recently celebrated my son’s first birthday and I still can’t believe how fast this last year has gone. When I was putting my own baby registry together, I had no idea where to start. It was so overwhelming because there is just SO MUCH information out there! By the time I added items online and spent time going through the store scanning items we thought we needed, we had HUNDREDS of things on our registry. I just had no idea what we really needed so we registered for everything!
Now, obviously we didn’t receive everything that we had registered for (thank Goodness!), but now we know what things we needed and a whole lot of things we didn’t need for our new baby. Over the past year, we have learned so much as new parents and I want to share with you the items that helped make our life easier as we transitioned from a family of 2 to our new family of 3.
*This post does contain affiliate links, if you purchase an item (at no additional charge to you) I will receive a small commission. Thank you! Please note, I only recommend products that my family uses and loves.*
  1. Pacifiers – A true Lifesaver
  2. Pacifier clips – Keeps the pacifier from falling on the floor and makes it easy to find. Attaches to baby’s clothes.
  3. Wubbanub – These are just adorable. We still use this at every nap and each night at bedtime. The attached animal make the pacifier just a little bigger and easier for you baby to find as they get older. (especially at night when it is dark and they want their pacifier, keeps you from having to get up to find it in their crib)
  4. Burp Rags – I used cloth diapers. They are much more absorbent and you can bleach them if they get to gross.
  5. Bibs – Obviously a must have. Get a TON of them!
  6. Silicone Place mats – These are great when you visit a restaurant. Stick it to the table and let your little ones chow down.
  7. Breast Pump – you should get a free pump through your insurance, check it out! If not, I had the Medela Pump in Style, breast pump backpack. Super convenient backpack! When you have a baby, anything that frees up your hands is a major bonus!!
  8. Breast milk storage bagsTarget brand worked best for me and they are pretty cheap.
  9. Boppy Pillow – I used mine at night when my son was an infant and we were breastfeeding in the middle of the night. We were both comfortable and safe if I happened to doze off while feeding. He slept in our room for the first year so we would feed in my bed. I have the adorable grey one with mama and baby whales!
  10. Extra pumping bottles – If you plan on pumping AT ALL…you will need more bottles than the ones that come with your bag. I recommend the ones with nipples, makes for easy feeding.
  11. Nursing Tanks – I liked the ones at Target the best. This particular one was my favorite.
  12. Pumping bra – These look absolutely ridiculous but they totally work and are worth buying.
  13. Pregnancy Pillow– I swore that I would never buy one of these, but as I got into my second trimester, I was getting so uncomfortable at night. My sweet husband surprised me and got me one. I am usually a back sleeper so this really helped me get comfortable. I still have it just in case we have another kid lol
  14. Nursing Pads – You will need these even if you don’t breast feed. You may even need them before you have your baby.
  15. High Chair – I regret buying the high chair that we did (this one), it had too many crevices for food to get trapped and it was a nightmare to clean. It will get disgusting so get one that is simple and easy to clean, like this one.
  16. Hook on High Chair – We loved this. It was great when visiting friends and family without having to lug around a big bulky high chair. All you have to do it slip it on the edge of the table and tighten the bottom bolts. You could even use this as your main high chair if you wanted to.
  17. Bumbo seat – you don’t need the one with the tray, just get the cheapest one. It will do what it needs to. This is a great item to use for a mew month while baby is gaining strength in their neck and body.
  18. Bottle brush
  19. Bottles – Find what works for your baby, we used the Joovy Boob Bottles.
  20. Drying rack
  21. Formula Dispenser/snack cup – perfect for on the go without having to bring the whole container of formula. If you visit someone often, I recommend just leaving a container of formula there so you don’t have to worry about forgetting it. Trust me, you will forget it at some point. (I went out of town for a family wedding and left the formula at home….didn’t realize until 7am the next morning when we ran out of formula in my dispenser and my son was crying to be fed. That 7am trip to Target was not the best target trip I have ever had lol)
  22. Stroller – Get a travel system, you will be glad you did. Since it comes with the infant car seat you won’t have to wake baby when moving them in or out of the car. They will sleep a lot so why wake them if you don’t need to. Upgrade to a new carseat when they outgrow the carrier. We loved our Britax.
  23. Extra Car seat base – if you get a travel system stroller, get this. That way you don’t need to buy another carrier.
  24. Stroller organizer – You will always have a lot of stuff with you, get this.
  25. Toy straps – kids throw everything. If you don’t want to lose stuff, these are a necessity.
  26. Convertible Car Seat – Once baby outgrows the infant carrier, invest in a convertible car seat like the one we have. It will be the last one you need to buy. Ever. (I recommend buying one for each car)
  27. Car seat mirror– who doesn’t want to see what their adorable new human is doing in the back seat??
  28. Sun Shades – you may not need these, but it get hot here in Florida!
  29. Swing – Just buy this. It will save your sanity.
  30. Bouncer – This was great and portable if baby was sleeping. I would just pick it up and move him. We got the one that bounces automatically. That was the best.
  31. Walker – get the most compact one you can. Baby will love it no matter what, the smaller it is the faster they can move and they love that!!
  32. Activity Mat – Great for tummy time and playing on the floor
  33. Diaper bag – Choosing the right diaper bag will make or break your organizational skills. We got a bag for each of us. My husband got this one and I got this one. Backpacks were the best choice for us because anything that frees up your hands is needed!! (I also got these hooks to hang on our stroller)
  34. Pack n Play – Great for play time, travel, sleeping, you name it. My son also slept in this in our room once he outgrew the basinet.
  35. Infant sleeper bed (Bassinet) – This was a lifesaver for me when we first brought our son home. I wanted him close because SIDS terrified me. This was also great because we were breast feeding and having him so convenient saved my sanity at 3am.
  36. Baby Carrier – I didn’t use this often, but it was nice to have when I needed it. We made a trip to Disney and there are a lot of places that you can’t take strollers in.
  37. Crib and Dresser – I absolutely loved the set we got. I choose white because it is simple, clean and can be used for boys or girls.
  38. Glider – Just a little tip, if you buy a glider from buy buy baby, you can custom choose the wood color and fabric for no extra charge.
  39. Infant Bathtub
  40. Diaper Pail – We got this one but didn’t use it a whole lot. It weirds me out to keep all these smelly diapers in that container. Just throw them in the garbage.
  41. Video Monitor – So glad we went with this one. Great price and high quality images.
  42. Clothes – Don’t spend a whole lot on clothes, they grow out of them so fast! We lived in hand-me-downs. Best decision we made. I will give you a little tip….baby clothes are SO much cheaper on amazon and you can often find the same outfits as in store 🙂
  43. Diapers – Pampers Swaddlers worked best for my son.
  44. Swaddle Blankets – We tried a bunch of different ones buy, by far, the Aden and Anais muslin swaddle blankets are the best. They are a great size and get softer every time you wash them.
  45. Books – We love to read and wanted to instill the love of books in our child. It is such a great way to learn.
Thanks so much for taking the time to read this!! There are so many products out there that are just not necessary. We found that out by experience. Every item on this list is something that I personally have in my home. Now, convenience is great but spend that hard earned money on necessities (like diapers, wipes, food and a date night for yourself!)
Enjoy every moment with your sweet baby!


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  1. When I was pregnant with my first I didn’t register for a swing and regretted it later… for some reason I thought I wouldn’t need one but we ended up buying one a week after baby was born… it was an LIFE SAVER with my first born and second.

  2. Perfect list! Even as a mom, once our own kids grow we start to forget all those little things that were totally indispensable when the kids were babies… so this was perfect to jog my memory for an upcoming baby shower! Thanks:)

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