My July 2017 Favorites!

I’ve been on a kick to try new things this past month! Lately I’ve been in a rut using the same old products that I neither love nor hate. I have given myself a goal to try a few new products, toys, or recipes each month in our house and pick my top 5 to share with you. Below you will find my top 5 favorite new things for the month of July!

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  1. Concealer – I have a monthly IPSY subscription which I LOVE!! I am totally not a pro when it comes to makeup or beauty products but I am always wanting to try new things so I can learn. It Kills me to walk through Ulta and find a product that I would love to try only to find out its $50! I just can’t justify spending that money on something I don’t even know if I will like. That is why I love my monthly ipsy delivery! I get an assortment of 5 different beauty products that I get to try for only $1o a month. In my July Ipsy bag I got the Trestique Concealer Crayon in Bisque. It matches m skin perfectly, goes on smooth and lasts all day!! I love that it isn’t greasy and doesn’t wipe away like other concealers do throughout the day.

  2. Ariat Barn Boots – We are currently in the process of designing a home to be build on some acreage. I typically wear old tennis shoes when I garden or take the dogs out but I knew those just wouldn’t cut it when we began the construction process. The property that we are purchasing is almost entirely wooded which is going to require a LOT of clearing and lots of hard work. I needed a pair of boots that will hold up but I was adamant about not getting cowboy boots. Totally not the look or functionality I am going for. After a ton of research and shopping, I found these boots and love them! They are so comfortable, a great brand that I know will last (I’ve had other boots from Ariat that have lasted FOREVER!), and they aren’t too masculine looking.

  3. Infant/Toddler Swimsuit – In Florida, it is imperative that your children know how to swim or float in case of an accident involving water, which is everywhere! We started my son in ISR (infant rescue swimming) lessons and one of the requirements is that they child wear 2 swim diapers. They can either be 2 disposable, 2 reusable or one of each. I hate the thought of wasting so many disposable diapers because the lesson is 5 days a week but only 10 minutes long. I decided to go with one of each type of diaper. We have been using the Huggies little swimmers as our disposable but I found these cute Speedo Swim Trunks with a reusable diaper already built in! I don’t love the look of those other swim diapers that look like little bloomers so these were the perfect solution and a great price!

  4. Melissa & Doug farm animal magnets – We recently moved out of out house and out last refrigerator wasn’t magnetic. Now that the home we are in does have a magnetic fridge, I got these for my some to keep him entertained when I was in the kitchen. He loves them, he will take them off, walk over to my dog and try to play with them. It is the cutest thing. He hasn’t quite figured out the part that they stick to the refrigerator but he loves all the animals!

  5. Vitafusion Gorgeous Hair Skin & Nails vitamins – LOVE THESE! I absolutely hate taking vitamins. I was consistently taking them when I was pregnant but ever since I had my son, that consistency totally went out the window. I am trying to grow my hair out but after pregnancy hormones, my hair just doesn’t grow half as fast as it used to. I bought these hoping they wouldn’t be gross and they totally taste like fruit snacks. Delicious fruit snacks. No after taste, no vitamin taste. Just delicious. My nails have gotten super strong and healthy and my skin looks great. I have to give it a little time to see if it affects my hair growth, but with all the other positive effects, I’m sure it will help it grow faster.


Do you have any favorite new products that you have tried recently?? Have you used any of the things that I mentioned above?? Let me know in the comments below!!

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