A Lumberjacks First Birthday Celebration!


This past year has gone by so fast. My husband and I were lucky enough to be blessed with our first child and just recently celebrated his first birthday! We decided to party lumberjack style and had the whole house decked out in red and black buffalo plaid. We had a great time celebrating with friends and family and even though Aiden won’t remember, it was worth all the time and effort planning. (Please excuse the picture quality on this post….I forgot my camera the day of the party and had to use my phone, oops!)

The party started at noon and for lunch we had crock-pot pulled chicken. Seriously de-lish. I will post the recipe later. It is probably the easiest meal you will ever make and can totally feed a large crowd. We decorated with some super cheap decorations which I will post links to below so you can find them easily…

Red Lantern

Buffalo Plaid Table Runner

Artificial Acorn

Buffalo Plaid napkins

Plastic “Wood” Tablecloth








The Cake was a piece of art in itself. I searched and searched and searched pinterest to try to find a cake that would stand up to the occasion without having to spend and arm and a leg to have a bakery make one. I finally found it. It was a tree stump cake with a buffalo plaid interior. SOLD! That was the one we would make. I had my sister-in-law help out because making cakes with that much detail takes FOR-E-VER! After hours of decorating, it turned out perfect and everyone at the party couldn’t stop talking about it. Check it out…



For the “bark” surrounding the cake, I ordered a fondant mold on Amazon and it seriously made perfect looking bark in no time at all….you can order it here. All we did was bought chocolate candy melts and used a brush to wipe the chocolate on the mold, put it in the refrigerator to harden for about five minutes and Wa-La!

The smash cake turned out adorable as well. Just a vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting and little chocolate trees surrounding.



Aiden has a thing with his hands being dirty…he doesn’t like sand, dirt, food and as we found out at his party….no cream cheese frosting either. HAHA! He did OK for about 30 seconds then nope. He was done!


The last little bit we opened presents and spent some time with our guests while our little dude went down for a nap. Overall successful party!








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