Our Mother’s Day Tradition

There is just something about this time of year that makes me nostalgic…

I think it has to do with mother’s day and the fact that this will only be my second one.  Last year, our little dude was only 2 months old. It’s just amazing how fast time flies.

(AWWW! <3)

I don’t know about you, but in my family we tend to keep the same traditions year after year. Growing up, my mom (and me) loved going to the beach. I probably spent way too much time there as a teenager but it’s just so relaxing listening to the waves with a good book.

Each year for mother’s day we would get up early and get the car all packed up to spend the day at New Smyrna Beach. We would bring a big canopy for my dad to chill under since he is not a huge fan of sitting out in the sun all day and my mom and I would drag our beach chairs down to the water and sit for hours while the tip of the waves would wash over our feet to keep us cool from that blazing sun. If you are from Florida, or have traveled here during the summer months, you know all about that heat.

We typically stop at Starbucks for coffee and a quick breakfast on the way. Our goal was always to get there early.

Did that ever happen? Nope.

We were late.

Every year.

Which technically isn’t an issue, but have you ever gone to the beach on mother’s day? Or any holiday for that matter? It is packed and if you aren’t there early, good luck finding a spot. Lucky for us, my parents are a part of a timeshare, which allows us to use the property for the day so we were always able to find a spot to unwind and relax.

Lunch is prepared on the beach. Usually burgers and brats with all the good toppings. I love the fact that you can bring a charcoal grill on the beach. You really can’t beat eating a delicious meal with the best view in the world. We always have a few random people stop by our tent as lunch is cooking. Who can resist the smell of grilling food!?

This year we will be packing up for the beach as usual, but we will have a VERY energetic 13 month old along for the ride (not sure that relaxing is on the agenda for me this year, haha). We were fortunate enough to find a hotel for 2 nights with availability on mother’s day weekend. That is a last minute win right there! My poor husband has to work most of the weekend so he will only be joining us for one night, but it will still be a great weekend. Me, Aiden, Oma and Opa will be soaking up the sun!

Aiden has only been to the beach once and he didn’t love it. This child has a thing about getting his hands dirty, he hates the feeling of sand (and hated his smash cake at his first birthday party, check out that post here)!

Last time we took him to the beach, we brought a little blow up pool and filled it with water, best idea ever. When the baby is happy, all is good in the world. I’m definitely looking forward to this weekend and hope that we can keep this tradition going as my son grows up.

What are some traditions that your family has? Comment below!

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  1. Aw that sounds so fun! I’m glad you get to go the beach, I’m sure it’ll be nice to soak up the sun and take it easy for the weekend! And bringing a pool to the beach for Aiden is genius! Hope you guys have the best time 💜


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