Sunshine and Waffle Cones

We are back to reality after a great mother’s day weekend with my family. I am truly blessed.

As usual, we spent our weekend at the beach! Saturday was a wash because it rained all day… there is no room for complaining though because we seriously haven’t had any rain in months here in Florida, so we definitely needed it. Sunday and Monday were absolutely beautiful weather! Hot and sunny with just enough breeze to keep us from feeling like we were dying of heat stroke. We spent most of our time at the beach but also set aside some time to hang by the pool as well. Bringing the blow up pool was a win again this time. We inflated that bad boy and Aiden sat there like a champ, playing in the water with his beach toys – he even ventured out to the sand this time. He is just the cutest.


Our plan was to go out to breakfast one morning and on our way home, stop at this awesome restaurant called “Our Deck Down Under” – They have the best snow crab legs!! We actually didn’t do either of those things. We ended up cooking breakfast each morning…eggs, bacon, fruit, etc. (we may or may not have bought donuts…..both days….don’t judge.) And stopping for dinner didn’t happen because by the time we left on Monday, poor little Aiden was so tired and cranky since he missed his afternoon nap, we decided it would be best to head straight home.


Sunday night we decided to venture out for ice cream. Dairy Queen was our top choice because I don’t eat ice cream unless it is a blizzard in a waffle cone from dairy queen. Plain and simple. There were 2 dairy queens near our hotel, one close and one about twice the distance away. We decided to go to the one farther away, not sure why, I think because my parents walked there from another hotel they had stayed at in the area. Anyways, we get there and the line is through the door…duh, considering it is mother’s day. I don’t see waffle cones on the menu so I decided to ask the only employee working and he tells me that they stopped supplying the waffle cone mix so they don’t sell them anymore. But, he informed us that the other dairy queen (the one closer to our hotel) still sells them. We left and went to that one. So we are standing in the line and I don’t see waffle cones on the menu. He lied. He lied about waffle cones. They don’t sell them either! Maybe be didn’t lie, maybe he didn’t know…but I had to get a blizzard in a cup since I made my whole family drive so I could get a waffle cone. SIGH. It just wasn’t the same.


Since I had my son last year, spending time at the beach has become very challenging to coordinate. I don’t know how moms take their young kids to the beach by themselves. I had 3 other adults with me this weekend and it was still crazy trying to drag all our beach stuff (chairs, umbrellas, beach toys, food, etc) down to the beach with a 1 year old who doesn’t like the sand or the water! More power to you super moms! Maybe I will attempt a solo trip when he gets a little older. But I did come home with a nice tan, FINALLY!!


Now we are home and back to the grind.


Remember how I posted that mother’s day gift idea list and mentioned that I wanted a Bellabeat tracker????

WELL…..I got one in the mail today! SCORE!!! Surprise from my husband (and Aiden since it was for Mother’s day)

I just unboxed it and am loving it so far! I got the Bellabeat Leaf Nature in Rose Gold. So cute!!

A huge shout-out to Courtney  for writing about this…I would have never known it existed!


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  1. Sounds like such a fun weekend! I can’t believe how big Aiden is getting, he is so adorable. Thanks for the shoutout!! I hope you love the Bellabeat! The Leaf Nature one looks so cool and great choice on the rose gold, that’s the color I always wear too! 🙂

    1. I am loving the bellabeat, I’ve worn it everyday (and night!) I’m glad you posted about it because I had been wanting a health/fitness tracker for a while but all the popular ones are so masculine looking. This is perfect, goes with everything and looks like jewelry! It has some awesome features that I didn’t even know about until I started playing around with the app. I love that it is made specifically for women and you definitely can’t go wrong with rose gold 😉

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