The Beginners Guide to starting a Money Making Blog!!

Deciding to start a blog has been one of the best decisions I have made! I had always been interested in the idea of blogging but never really considered actually doing it until I had my son. As a stay at home mom, it gives me a creative outlet to write about day to day life as well as review products that have worked for us as a family. Blogging has allowed me to enjoy my time with my family all while earning some money on the side!

There are so many reasons why people blog! Some write to teach, others write about personal experiences and some people blog to make friends and interact with other bloggers! If you aren’t sure what exactly you want to blog about or don’t know if people would be interested in reading, let me assure you that there are SO MANY people out there searching for a topic you can write about. You don’t have to be a professional writer or software guru (trust me, I am neither of these)! Below is a list of some of the most common blogging topics/niches:

  • Mom blogs
  • Lifestyle blogs
  • Recipes
  • Kids activities
  • Opinions on various topics
  • Travel
  • Product reviews
  • Self-help blogs
  • Faith based blogs
  • DIY
  • Politics
  • Beginner guides
  • Personal Stories
  • Troubleshooting guides
  • Advice
  • Family Life
  • Organization
  • Cleaning
  • Automotive
  • Photography
  • Gift Ideas
  • Gardening / Homesteading


This is by no means a complete list of topics that you can blog about. The possibilities are endless!! You can always bog about multiple topics as well! My blog is a combination of Lifestyle/ Family/Travel/Advice. If I can blog, you totally can too!

*This post does contain affiliate links, which means that I will receive a small commission (at no additional charge to you) if you purchase something through one of my links. 


  1. Pick a Domain Name

The first step is going to be the hardest. What do you want your domain name to be? This will be the website address that people type in to find you. Mine is I choose that name because I decided that it would fit a lifestyle blog without being too specific to one subject. I am a stay at home mom and my last name is Richmond. It seemed fitting 🙂 Do some brainstorming then test your potential domain name in the box below. It will tell you if it is available or not.


  1. Sign up for Web Hosting

Next you are going to sign up for web hosting. If you EVER plan on making money from your blog through affiliate marketing or other income streams you need to choose a self-hosted website. That basically means that you own the domain name. Before I started my blog I did a bunch of research on what hosting site others bloggers were using and why. I came to the conclusion to sign up with Bluehost because it is the most affordable and seemed to have the best customer service. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee and a FREE domain name. If you don’t like it, you can always cancel. It’s a Win-Win!

If you use my link here, you can get Bluehost at a discounted rate. The basic plan starts at only $3.95/month! That’s pretty cheap, right?! If you said you no, don’t even joke…its cheaper than your Starbucks you are drinking 😉

  1. Select your plan

I recommend signing up with the Basic Plan. It is the cheapest and all you will need to start with. I am still using the Basic plan for my blog.

  1. Fill in Personal Information

Then you will fill in your personal information. I recommend using an email address specifically for your blog, this will allow you to keep your personal and business accounts separate and appear more professional if you ever do sponsored posts or need to communicate with companies.

  1. Build your package

From there you will choose you package information. I started with 12 months because I wanted to try them out, but feel free to choose whatever option will work best for you. You do not need to select and add-ons, HOWEVER, I do recommend adding the Domain Privacy Protection. This will keep your personal address and information safe. It is worth it if you are using your home address. You don’t really need any other options unless you choose to.

  1. Enter your Credit Card info

Enter your credit card info and you have officially set up your web hosting!

You are probably thinking you are finished….but how do you actually START your blog???? We are almost done, I promise.

  1. Install WordPress

This is where you will be so glad you set up through Bluehost!!! All you need to do it go to your account page (cPanel) and under the Website builders section you will see a box that says “Install WordPress”. Click. (It may be either blue or orange)

Once installation is complete, your home screen will switch over to your new wordpress dashboard.


  1. Start Designing

This is where all your creative juices can flow! From here you will choose a theme, customize to your hearts content, Start writing your posts for the world to see and start bring in that money, honey!



Congratulations and Welcome to the blogging family!

Start your Blog here!

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