The Best Pinterest Group Boards to grow your Blog Traffic!

Pinterest has been one of the best traffic-driving social media platforms for traffic to my blog. With high quality, eye-catching images you have millions of people that could run across your website.

You may be wondering exactly what a “group” board is….

Basically a group board is a place where there are multiple “collaborators” or contributors of content. This allows everyone involved to post their content on one centralized board. When that happens, you get a variety of content drawing in different followers with different interests. This helps grow the overall following of the board significantly larger than you would be able to do alone.

Group Pinterest boards are a GREAT way to reach out to so many more people than by just focusing on your own Pinterest boards. Think about it this way. Your boards may have a few hundred followers and you think that is great! well…it is. Kind of. Now say you join 1 group board with 50,000 followers.

When you pin one of your blog posts to that group board not only do your few hundred followers see that pin, but now so does 50,000 other people!! That is going to drastically increase the traffic to your blog!




Below is a list of all the group boards I am currently a part of that you can request to join too!

Instructions to join will be in the description of the board at the top. Don’t be shy…reach out and grow your traffic! (If there aren’t instructions to join, then send a private message to the first profile icon after the + sign to the left of the board description….that is the admin of the board.)

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  1. Awesome Bloggers – Collaboration Board
  2. POST YOUR BLOG – Bloggers Promote Here
  3. Top Blogs – Pinterest Viral Board
  4. Mummy Bloggers Collaboration
  7. Income Report + Making Money Blogging
  8. Promote Your Blog
  9. Moms Corner
  10. We Love Sharing our Blogs! OPEN
  11. Lifestyle Bloggers Keeping it Real
  13. **Bloggers on Pinterest**
  14. Moms helping Moms
  15. Momtastic Mommy Bloggers
  16. Mom Always Knows Group Board
  17. Being a Mom is Hard Group Board
  18. Best Mom Hacks
  20. Blog Community Most Repinned
  21. Hardworking Blogger Moms
  22. “The Pinterest Group Board”
  23. Bloggers PROMOTE your blogs!
  24. Blogging Tips and Resources – Mama Community
  25. Mama Community – Lifestyle Blogs
  26. Blogging 101
  27. Turbo Blogging & Business Group Board
  28. Terrific Mommy Boards
  29. Family Favorites
  30. Mom Bloggers
  31. Best Bloggers to follow
  32. Fab Motherhood
  33. Mom Blogs!


If you haven’t started your blog yet, or are hesitant to jump in, I have created a SUPER EASY, step-by-step guide to getting started, check it out here!

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  1. Thank you for this great list! I am trying to grow my blog, and am putting my focus into Pinterest. This group board list is wonderful.

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