The Best [store-bought] Coffee – From a Coffee Connoisseur

Most days it seems like I run 100% on coffee.

Most days that is true.

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For as long as I can remember, coffee has been one of those things that just made me feel “at home”, if you will. Coffee is comforting, delicious and a huge mood booster for me. I drink coffee first thing in the morning and most days, will either have an iced coffee or “specialty” drink in the afternoon. It has molded itself into my lifestyle and without it I would be more than lost.

I am very particular about how I need my coffee to taste. My husband likes to joke that I drink my coffee so strong that you could stand a spoon up in it. All joking aside, I like strong coffee but he doesn’t drink it, so he really has no appreciation for good coffee! Haha!

I have tried SO MANY different brands and brew types from folgers to starbucks and 8 o’clock coffee to authentic Columbian coffee (actually bought it when we traveled to Columbia!).

There has been no comparison to Panera’s Dark Roast Coffee. This has been my go-to coffee for years!!

It has the smoothest flavor and it is bold but not to bold!

Now you may be thinking that you have tried it in their restaurants and that you though it wasn’t that great. I’m with ya! I have a hard time getting coffee in their restaurant because there are so many different people that make it on a daily basis that it just never tastes like I NEED it to! How can you teach someone to make super delicious coffee if THEY DON’T DRINK IT?!?!?! You just can’t.

Now unfortunately if you aren’t blessed to live in a region that has Publix, you are going to have a hard time finding Panera’s coffee in a grocery store. Here in Florida, I have searched and searched and have come to the conclusion that they only sell at Publix. Which is great because I love Publix! BUTTTTT, for those of you missing out on the best grocery store ever, you can order it here!

I truly believe that the coffee maker you use is just as important as the coffee you brew, that’s why I use my Ninja Coffee Bar! Be on the lookout for a post coming soon on why I love my Ninja and why you should get one!!

Try it out and Let me know what you think!!

Do you have a go to coffee brand that you tend to buy??

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  1. I have never tried Panera coffee but will have to give it a go! I love it in the store, their mocha fraps are to die for, so I’m sure I’d love their regular coffee as well. My fave store bought is Honduran coffee from Aldi- its super good!

    1. Oooo!! I’ve never tried their mocha frap, sounds delicious! I used to love their in house coffee but ever since I have started making it at home, there is just no comparison!

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