The Cutest Matching Christmas Pajamas!

Where has this year gone??

With the holidays fast approaching, I’ve been thinking about some new things that I want to try for the holidays this year. One Christmas tradition that I have always wanted to start with my family, is something that will provide lots of fun and many good laughs. Before Aiden was born, it was just my husband and I so I thought it may be too cheesy to start with just us, but this year my son is old enough to join in on the fun and we are going to go for it!

Matching Christmas Pajamas!!

Now, we do already have a pajama tradition that includes the whole extended family…each year on Christmas Eve, after church, we go to my husband’s grandmas house, with all of his cousins, and his grandma hands out pajamas for everyone and we all hang out in our comfy jammies…but this year I want to start a tradition of our own, as a young family.

I’ve been searching the internet for matching sets and have compiled a list of some of the cutest pajamas!! Check them out below and let me know what you think!!

Feel Free to click the image or link to shop these cute Christmas Pajamas!!

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Winter Deer Pajamas from Amazon
















Red Stripes Family Pajama Set from Amazon
















Green Polka Dots and Stripes Pajamas from Amazon
















Polar Bear Family Pajamas from Amazon
















Snowflake Pajamas from Amazon
















SleepytimePJs Red Plaid Fleece Onesie Pajamas from Amazon














Red and White Festive Pajamas


 You can find other Awesome Matching pajamas here!

Do you and your family have any goofy Christmas traditions?!?

If you wear matching pajamas with your family, let me know in the comments below!!

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  1. Ohh I didn’t even think to look on amazon for Christmas jammies! I say go for it! We’ve been doing our Jammie thing for the last atleast 9 years!? Oh gosh that makes me sound so old! My two oldest kiddos are going to be 9 and 12 in December so I’m thinking the tradition probably started when my 9 year old was born because they definitely had to match! :):)

    1. Yes!! Amazon was the first place I looked (I have a serious obsession with Amazon prime haha!) I can’t wait to start this with my son, he is only 18 months old so we will have lots of fun pictures and memories to look back on over the years.

  2. The polar bear ones and the green ones are so cute! We haven’t done matching jammies before, but I think this should be our year since our daughter will be close to 2 at Christmas and is starting to be more aware of her world!

    1. That’s why we are starting this year! My son is 18 months old so he is still a little young to really care but I think it is such a cute tradition to start 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh, I’m such a sucker for matching family Christmas jammies! Totally getting some this year. Did you see the ones Target has coming out for Magnolia??

    1. I did (I love love love Joanna Gaines, her stuff is so amazing) !! I love the onesie pajamas, they are so cute!! I will be adding those to my post as soon as they become available for purchase 🙂

  4. Oh. The onesies!! I thought its only for babies 🙂 would love to buy these but might have to bit pushy on hubby as he might be reluctant.

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